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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Positive and negative aspects of SmartLipo

Smartlipo is the new age modern technology. It is a form of the liposuction and removing fats with fewer complications. In the traditional liposuction method the fat removes by the use of cannula, it is much dramatized method and complications could arise after the process has done. But in Smartlipo method a laser technology is used to remove the unwanted fat. It is less risky method and the result is often better compared to liposuction. Smartlipo has introduced in three years back and from then it became one of the most popular surgical method.

The process of SmartLipo

Smartlipo uses the laser technology. In the SmartLipo process a small tube or cannula inserted into the targeted area, same as the traditional liposuction method. After that a laser fiber inserted through the tube. The laser fiber has the high capacity laser power which targets the fat easily. With the impact of laser fiber the fat cells burst easily and liquefied. After the fat cells burnt or get liquefied the cannula suctioned the fat easily. The use of laser has many benefits one of them is that there is no bleeding after the procedure because the laser target the tissues directly.

Profit of SmartLipo

The main advantage of smart lipo is that it is less complicated method and achieves the desired shape instantly with great accuracy. The recovery time is almost zero and patient can get back to their work in 24 hours. If we compare SmartLipo with other surgical process then we will find it safer and has fever risk. There are almost now complications could occur after the process and the surgery is performed under the local anesthesia. The most important aspect of this procedure is that the results are permanent and lasted for many years without any complications.

Who is the right candidate for this?

Smartlipo is not a weight loose method. It is designed for removing that kind of fat which generally exercise and diet can’t remove. This rule is generally applicable on all forms of, liposuction. This surgery is not meant to be loosing weight. The right candidate are those who has a healthy routine but has fat on some area that not effected by exercise and diets. All Men and women who have the above criteria are the right candidate for doing this.

The popular areas of treatment include abdomen and waist area along with chin, thighs, hips and knees. Abdomen is most common among them with high popularity among the models as well as people who want to be actors.

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