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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Liposuction Surgery; the history of popularity

With the 300,000 procedures are performed each and every year in America alone, the Liposuction procedure is one of the most popular and frequently performed cosmetic procedure in the world. Despite the aftermath complications and risk, there are a considerable numbers of treatments carried out in Asia, Europe as well as South America with the positive result.

Liposuction is just not an inert operation that is unchallenged over time. Every year the liposuction technique is enhanced with latest technology and new medical equipment for give the best outcome and safe operation to patients. This operation enhanced by totally new alternatives and technologies, and traditional methods are even refined.

The beginning of liposuction method is considered in 1920's, yet the earliest efficient operation was occurred in Italy in 1974. This process was led by the Two U.S. surgeons, Arpad and Giorgio, who give though about suction excess fat from the body with applying a small empty tube known as a cannula into the patients’ targeted area. In 1976 they published their experiences after seen the result of this process.

After the Italy now it is turn of France in where the next phase of liposuction was carried out. A French doctor, Pierre Fournier, research about the conclusion of the Fischers and helped to promote and publish it to the world to showcase them. Another French physician, Illouz, developed also gone further and invented a technique which is known as the "wet technique." In “wet technique” fluids are uses to make the exclusion of excess fat, it was considered to be less complicated than previous. Therefore wet technique became popular and spread dramatically to America.

In the decade of 1980's, liposuction procedure was become popular in America as it was the only method which helps people to get rid of their excessive fat without any exercise and strict diet plan at that time. But it was also being suspicious, because of many of initial liposuction sessions which created unpredictable side-effects for example smudges on the skin area and blooding. Blood loss feared many people at that time and hence there was many myth and rumors began about the liposuction.

The invention of “tumescent Liposuction” technique is considered as the milestone in the development of the liposuction process. “Tumescent liposuction” is originated by a California based dermatologist in 1985; named “Jeff Klein”. This method used large amounts of liquid to cause the targeted area’s fat to "tumesce," or become firm and stiff. The tumescent approach made the process possible for suction the fat cells with the use of considerably slighter cannula. The “tumescent Liposuction” made use of solely local anesthesia possible. The tumescent approach is still most popular technique of liposuction today.

Good Liposuction Surgeon; How to select

Liposuction process is very popular among the people who just want to get rid of the excessive fat cells. Deciding to undergo liposuction is the initial step following the research, and then the most important thing is choosing an appropriate liposuction surgeon. This plays the vital role to look in your research, and must be approached with attentiveness, as this is almost certainly the most significant factor of your research.

Definitely there is no shortage of liposuction surgeons, but it is very important that you choose a surgeon who is well qualified and experienced in this field. You may be find an appropriate surgeon in nearby towns otherwise in big cities where the liposuction tradition is more developed and large amount of people and surgeons found like loss Angeles and Miami in U.S.A.

The quickest way to decide an appropriate surgeon is that you thoroughly check out their credentials and qualifications before undergo any liposuction surgery. You should check whether they are certified by some recognized communities like the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) in U.S.A. or have certified by some other prominent cosmetic surgery board? After the short out two or three cosmetic surgeon by analysis now you should go for the consultation to these surgeons.

The following points are the important which help in consultation with the surgeon:-

- inquire about the liposuction surgeon's expertise area. There are many kinds of liposuction method and every surgeon may be expertise in one or two method. You need to make acquainted yourself with these processes and then consult the surgeon about which one is the best choice for you.

- You should confirm the credentials of the surgeon by performances and experience; it means that if any surgeon experienced many surgeries then he could be more expertise and professional. 'Practice makes perfect'!

- It is also imperative that the clinic where you have scheduled to perform has the latest and cardinal equipments. So you should also inquire about that.

- The liposuction cost can be the important factor for many patients, so if you have same concern then you should compare the price of all surgeons which you have short listed and then make your decision.

- Always ask for the before and after pictures of your targeted area, this can help to examine results instantly.

Liposuction also has some kind of risk factor and complications.  Though they are very rear, but it’s the duty of surgeon tell all the complication which can be occurred. You should also consult to doctor.

The most popular area of liposuction

Liposuction is a surgical process and it is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures. It is equally popular among both the women and men. This popularity is credited to the greatly advancement in liposuction technology that made it very easier and in the reach of common people. It is less risky procedure than past methods. In this article we will discuss about the most popular body area for performing the liposuction procedure among women.

Abdomen or stomach area:-

The abdomen is top in the list for the most common area of the body that women want to treatment for. The liposuction process on this area contains both the lower and upper abdominal areas. In case of maximum people, the upper abdominal area is a famous area of the body that's considered very hard to reshape and level with diet and work out. The abdomen area’s problem could due to the result of pregnancy, unnecessary weight gain and weight loss. The aging process is also a reason of problem in this area. This area can easily contain. Liposuction of the abdomen is a great way to increase your personality and get rid of stomach fat.

Anterior Thighs Area:-

The front portion of thighs area regard as Anterior Thighs area.  It is also very popular areas for liposuction treatment for women as this is another obstinate area of the body for get rid of the excessive fat. The liposuction method in this anterior thighs area can help women achieve a slimmer look of front portion of leg

Outer Thighs Area:-

Maximum women want to treat their outer thighs also in addition with anterior thighs area. It is a common thing for women body that it store fat in this region. The look of this excessive fat is very unattractive and it is often referred to as saddlebags. So it is obvious that they really unhappy and hate the way this saddlebags looks. With the help of liposuction this areas can easily reshape and women can achieve a slim appearance of the thighs which is definitely boost their self confidence.

Inner Thighs Area:-

Maximum women who did the liposuction surgery in the area of hips and thighs also want to undergo Inner thighs area liposuction. Inner thighs area has considered being fastest recovery period than other areas of the body after liposuction treatment.

Buttocks area:-

Buttocks has the large amount of fat stored thus this area is also a famous area for getting liposuction, particularly in the lower portion of the buttocks around the crease where the thighs start. This surgery definitely increases the good appearance for the women.

Liposuction after age of 40’s

Liposuction is a popular surgery. It is widely used for removing excess fat cells from beneath the skin through suction. This process is used by persons who are looking to lose weight or need to redesign their body shape or want to get attractive shape in specific body part. Liposuction is not a solution for weight control. It should only be used by persons who are health caution and has a healthy routine in their lifestyle. Work out and healthy diet is also prominent part of the liposuction success.

There are always some concerns on patients mind about getting liposuction done. Liposuction is also has a risk factor like any other cosmetic surgical procedure. You have to be assured that you really want to get liposuction before you proceed and have the surgery done. The tendency of doing surgery in the age of forty is increasing. This is most likely because during this period in life there is more freedom for people that focus on you. Your kids are beginning to get older and you became economically established. Many of them just want to boost their confidence and the appearance more attractive in this age with the help of surgery. There are some concerns when someone over the age of forty considered getting liposuction.

There are many concerns about liposuction after the age of forty; the main reason is that as you became older your skin looses its suppleness. The elasticity or suppleness is referred to the capability for your skin to spring back into place. There is no issue if you had not any cosmetic surgery since the skin has it’s own age and lost it’s elasticity whether you had liposuction or not. If anyone is almost in their late forty and the skin has already started losing it's elasticity than there will be not a pleasant outcome after the liposuction.
It is advisable that when you are preparing to get liposuction done make sure you go to a renowned surgeon or one that you can trust. It should be noticed that the only liposuction surgeon can do proper evaluation of your skin elasticity. The doctor will be capable to help you decide the effect that age has had on your skin and can examine after liposuction whether it harm your skin rather than benefit it. Despite the above fact if you decide to do liposuction procedure on the age forty then your surgeon may recommend you that less fat will remove from under the skin since you are not so young.

Liposuction: Risks and Complications

There is almost a risk factor in any cosmetic procedure.  Liposuction is also has some kind of risk factor despite it is among safest procedure of cosmetic surgery. You should be sure to discuss these risks with your Liposuction specialist before going on with any surgery.

There can be some side effects and complications happen. The following are the more general liposuction complications and side effects that you require to mention to and discuss with your cosmetic surgeon before proceeding.

WrinklesIt depends on the suppleness of your skin. It is likely to experience some wrinkling after liposuction. If the patients already has stretch marks and are vulnerable to them then there is a good possibility that you could experience some wrinkling and skin dimpling after the liposuction procedure. You can reduce this by massage. There should be a discussion between you and your cosmetic surgeon about both wrinkling and post functioning massage with you before your surgery.

Swelling and Bruising
Swelling and brushing is the common thing after liposuction. It is normal to experience this kind of side effects following your liposuction and you should expect it. Bruising effect is Depending on the body area you've had liposuction and the skin type. There is a high percentage risk in abdominal liposuction as it is famous to cause bruising and swelling even in it is an ideal area for surgery.
 So you should always conscious of this possibility if you are having abdominal liposuction. Swelling and bruising is normally happening due to gravity pulling fluids depressives. Massage and some compression therapy can help to reduce this.

Soreness and discomfort
Pain and discomfort can be associated with swelling and bruising and is fairly common after liposuction surgery. It is quit similar to the pain experienced after a very solid session of weight lifting. It is normally vanishes within a few weeks and is easily controlled with pain medications.

Muscle twitches - muscle spasms is quit common in the region of your liposuction. This will easily disappear fairly rapidly after your surgery.

Sensational changes -: Liposuction procedure can be the reason of decreased or increased sensitivity of the applied skin area. Massage therapy will help in nearly all cases.  Sensational changes are typically not permanent even though they can last for quite a few months after procedure.

Despite the above mentioned common complications there is also some more different kind of side effects that can be happened after liposuction. Complications like infections, fluid inequity, skin damage, anesthesia risks and embolisms has the possibility to occur 

Traditional Liposuction

Liposuction is one of popular cosmetic surgery method and also its popularity is increasing rapidly. Despite the popularity this topics always attract controversy in some times. There are so many misconceptions about liposuction that it can be hard to tell what the fiction is and what is the genuine truth. There are also so many different kind of liposuction that it can be difficult to know for an ordinary people. Though, with some study, you can easily get the right answer about what liposuction really is - and what it can do for you.

Traditional liposuction is considered to the priest of all other liposuction; it is the basic form and the first one to come out. It is no longer very well-liked because it is more all-encompassing than other types of liposuction - it requires general anesthesia and can cause significant blood loss.

 Though, understanding conventional liposuction can help you know liposuction in broad, as all techniques performs today are based on traditional liposuction.

History of liposuction:

The thought of liposuction was first explored when Dr. Dujarrier of France tried shaping a ballerina's knees with a curette (surgical scoop) in the 1920s. Unfortunately, the operation was a failure and the poor ballerina's legs had to be amputated.

After the many failed attempts, doctor had to wait so long for the success in liposuction. The first Successful liposuction was made-up in 1974, while Dr. Giorgio Fischer, an Italian gynecologist, tried using a cannula, or empty pipe, to eliminate fat through suction. After four years of successful operation Dr. Illouz and Dr. Fournier of France origin curved the procedure into a purely aesthetic one and tweaked it to make two different types of liposuction, one is dry and other is wet.


 The scientific meaning of cosmetic liposuction is the surgical exclusion of unwanted fats in the body for aesthetic reasons.

In conventional liposuction, also known as lipoplasty, a narrow pipe “cannula” is inserted into the patients' body and fat is suctioned out.
The surgeon who performs the liposuction first marks the targeted area to the treated on the patient and may takes photos for any before/after comparison. Traditional liposuction needs general anesthesia, which forced to patient to sleep for the procedure and helps doctor. This will be administered through the IV.

The Incisions made in fatty area is done under the unconscious of the patient.  The surgeon will make a tiny incision or several small incisions in the targeted area. These incisions are usually very minor and not as big as half an inch and are located so that they are not very visible like naturally creases of body.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Butt Lift – A revolutionary surgical procedure for buttocks

Maximum people are not happy with their body type and do some hectic diet plan and exercise. However exercise and healthy diet routine are very essential part of the body fitness but if anyone wants to do some instant change then he has to some extra stuff. Like for loosing weight there are lots of surgery that help you to remove unwanted fat these surgery are fast and result oriented and sometimes looking much better from the natural way like exercise and healthy food.

The healthy diet and daily exercise are a great way Diet advances your entire health. But for many peoples it doesn't work and actually they need some extra way. Butt lift is one of the major surgeries for re-sizing buttocks. In past time there was a time when women and met shamed to talk about their size and thus if they has any bad shape they couldn't talk to doctor. At that time there was no progress in the field of butt surgery. But now the scenario has been changer and the women and men can freely consult to doctor about his buttocks size. Buttocks are one of the major aspects for looking attractive many people know it’s effectiveness it is especially designed for the women. The butt lift surgery is a fast and easy way to change your butt size without diet or exercise. And it is complication free treatment which gives you perfect result as you want.

The butt lift is very common surgery among many peoples especially in the European countries and United States. Most of the candidate are from the glamour industry and. Most of the models are often do this type of surgery because attractiveness of buttocks is also very important factor in fashion and modeling industry.

There is now specified criteria for doing this type of surgery one should be normal in health and has no serious complication can do this surgery. The butt lift surgery is only performed by expert cosmetic surgeon. in this procedure a simple liposuction technique used. First of all the surgeon selects the area to be targeted and then performed the liposuction procedure over the buttocks area. In this liposuction procedure a special narrow tube is used for suction the fat from the buttocks. After removing the fat cells, it would be re injected into the buttocks by adjusting into the desired shape.  These filled areas adjust by distributing the fat all over the buttocks with some variations to give attractive shape.