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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Liposuction Surgery; the history of popularity

With the 300,000 procedures are performed each and every year in America alone, the Liposuction procedure is one of the most popular and frequently performed cosmetic procedure in the world. Despite the aftermath complications and risk, there are a considerable numbers of treatments carried out in Asia, Europe as well as South America with the positive result.

Liposuction is just not an inert operation that is unchallenged over time. Every year the liposuction technique is enhanced with latest technology and new medical equipment for give the best outcome and safe operation to patients. This operation enhanced by totally new alternatives and technologies, and traditional methods are even refined.

The beginning of liposuction method is considered in 1920's, yet the earliest efficient operation was occurred in Italy in 1974. This process was led by the Two U.S. surgeons, Arpad and Giorgio, who give though about suction excess fat from the body with applying a small empty tube known as a cannula into the patients’ targeted area. In 1976 they published their experiences after seen the result of this process.

After the Italy now it is turn of France in where the next phase of liposuction was carried out. A French doctor, Pierre Fournier, research about the conclusion of the Fischers and helped to promote and publish it to the world to showcase them. Another French physician, Illouz, developed also gone further and invented a technique which is known as the "wet technique." In “wet technique” fluids are uses to make the exclusion of excess fat, it was considered to be less complicated than previous. Therefore wet technique became popular and spread dramatically to America.

In the decade of 1980's, liposuction procedure was become popular in America as it was the only method which helps people to get rid of their excessive fat without any exercise and strict diet plan at that time. But it was also being suspicious, because of many of initial liposuction sessions which created unpredictable side-effects for example smudges on the skin area and blooding. Blood loss feared many people at that time and hence there was many myth and rumors began about the liposuction.

The invention of “tumescent Liposuction” technique is considered as the milestone in the development of the liposuction process. “Tumescent liposuction” is originated by a California based dermatologist in 1985; named “Jeff Klein”. This method used large amounts of liquid to cause the targeted area’s fat to "tumesce," or become firm and stiff. The tumescent approach made the process possible for suction the fat cells with the use of considerably slighter cannula. The “tumescent Liposuction” made use of solely local anesthesia possible. The tumescent approach is still most popular technique of liposuction today.

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