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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Liposuction: Risks and Complications

There is almost a risk factor in any cosmetic procedure.  Liposuction is also has some kind of risk factor despite it is among safest procedure of cosmetic surgery. You should be sure to discuss these risks with your Liposuction specialist before going on with any surgery.

There can be some side effects and complications happen. The following are the more general liposuction complications and side effects that you require to mention to and discuss with your cosmetic surgeon before proceeding.

WrinklesIt depends on the suppleness of your skin. It is likely to experience some wrinkling after liposuction. If the patients already has stretch marks and are vulnerable to them then there is a good possibility that you could experience some wrinkling and skin dimpling after the liposuction procedure. You can reduce this by massage. There should be a discussion between you and your cosmetic surgeon about both wrinkling and post functioning massage with you before your surgery.

Swelling and Bruising
Swelling and brushing is the common thing after liposuction. It is normal to experience this kind of side effects following your liposuction and you should expect it. Bruising effect is Depending on the body area you've had liposuction and the skin type. There is a high percentage risk in abdominal liposuction as it is famous to cause bruising and swelling even in it is an ideal area for surgery.
 So you should always conscious of this possibility if you are having abdominal liposuction. Swelling and bruising is normally happening due to gravity pulling fluids depressives. Massage and some compression therapy can help to reduce this.

Soreness and discomfort
Pain and discomfort can be associated with swelling and bruising and is fairly common after liposuction surgery. It is quit similar to the pain experienced after a very solid session of weight lifting. It is normally vanishes within a few weeks and is easily controlled with pain medications.

Muscle twitches - muscle spasms is quit common in the region of your liposuction. This will easily disappear fairly rapidly after your surgery.

Sensational changes -: Liposuction procedure can be the reason of decreased or increased sensitivity of the applied skin area. Massage therapy will help in nearly all cases.  Sensational changes are typically not permanent even though they can last for quite a few months after procedure.

Despite the above mentioned common complications there is also some more different kind of side effects that can be happened after liposuction. Complications like infections, fluid inequity, skin damage, anesthesia risks and embolisms has the possibility to occur 

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